Benefits of A Paperless Office

Turning your paper files and documents into digital records may seem like a lot of work for an insignificant benefit. However, moving closer to a paperless office offers a number of long-term benefits. While it’s easy to commit to being digital in the future, your office probably has file cabinets with years and years of

Is Your Data Secure?

Digital storage has become increasingly popular as many businesses realize the costs and inconveniences of traditional paper documents. Scanning paper documents into digital formats streamlines workflow, cuts down on bulky file cabinets and moves data to a more secure environment.  Companies often turn to professional document scanning to make this transition go as smoothly and

How Much Are Your File Cabinets Costing You?

Is your office storing paper files in filing cabinets?  Most businesses don’t realize the true cost of owning file cabinets each year. The costs related to file cabinets stretch well beyond the initial capital investment. For small businesses and large corporations alike, office space is expensive and often remains one of the largest costs. Commercial