Imagine having the ability to convert a tedious and time consuming task to an efficient and simple process. GrandScan’s digital scanning process makes searching though paper files fast and easy.

Manufacturing companies tracking portions of their processes with paper documents, need to be able to easily store and search those documents for troubleshooting and customer support issues.

Lot sheets, quality control logs, receiving paperwork and shipping files — or any paperwork you generate — can be scanned and made searchable. Ultimately saving you hours of time looking for paper originals when researching problems or customer inquiries.

Developing and maintaining a regular program to convert your collected paperwork not only saves space and eliminates recurring filing tasks, but it also reduces the risk of misplacing important information while preserving handwritten notations that help understand the history of each process.

If you are generating large volumes of paper that could be converted to digital form, put GrandScan’s document scanning service to the test.

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