Scanning Off-Site Files On Demand | Record Storage

Scanning Off-Site Files On Demand | Record Storage

Scanning documents into digital format frees up valuable office space and streamlines access to important paperwork. But if digitizing all files at once is economically unfeasible, moving them off-site and scanning them as needed remains a viable option.

GrandScan is co-located with partner Rapid Record Storage in a secure storage environment. Archiving your paper files off-site allows you to repurpose that workspace for other business priorities.

Access-controlled with 24/7 video surveillance, Rapid Record Storage uses a sophisticated monitored alarm system — so you can be confident that your records always stay secure. Every time your box is moved, its barcode is scanned to its new location so we can always locate your files promptly.

You can upload and track metadata about the contents of each box using an online web portal, either prior to sending the files off-site or at any point thereafter. This portal can be used to request on-demand scanning of specific files or to enter metadata about new boxes that are ready to move off-site. Our online client portal makes storing, tracking and retrieving records simple and efficient.

Off-site storage with on-demand scanning allows you to spread out large scanning projects over time to better fit your data budget cycles, while gaining the extra office space immediately.

For more information on scanning on demand and record storage from the experts at GrandScan, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.608.7477.