How You Benefit

How You Benefit

At GrandScan, our document scanning services provide seamless conversion of your paper files into electronic documents. With these scanning services come many additional data management benefits.

We give you the benefits of digitally scanned documents without you having to do the drudgery of preparation, scanning, quality control and indexing; or making capital investments in high speed scanners and software.

Our document scanning services offer many benefits, including:

Save Space

At GrandScan, we help eliminate costly floor space previously occupied by filing cabinets and storage boxes. Document scanning helps your business reclaim space by converting paper documents to electronic document images. 

Reclaimed space positively impacts your bottom line, by reducing physical storage cost – office space, filing/retrieval/refiling, transportation and staffing. Learn more about saving space here.

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Ease of Access

At GrandScan, we help manage productivity with ease of access document retrieval. This is done via improved searching and sharing of scanned documents. 

With easy access to scanned documents, document scanning streamlines your business processes. Our clients appreciate the accessibility of scanned documents, by multiple users at multiple locations. Learn more about ease of access here.

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Risk Reduction

As your high-speed document-scanning provider, Grand Scan helps you secure your valuable business documents from risk.

Risk reduction of possible lost, misfiled or destroyed documents is an important business strategy for organizations in heavily regulated business environments. Learn more about risk reduction here.

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Legal And Regulatory Requirements

GrandScan helps ensure that client records, case files, contracts, pleadings, dispositions, legal research and more are secure and easy to access. 

At all times during the conversion from paper to electronic document imaging, your files are protected. We ensure that our document imaging is legally recognized by Federal and State court systems. Learn more about legal and regulatory requirements here.

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Disaster Recovery

Document scanning helps eliminate the loss of valuable business documents due to a natural or intentional disaster. At GrandScan, our document scanning services ensure the protection of your important documents.

We securely preserve documents scanned to electronic digital images on duplicate media stored at off-site location(s) or to your network. This improves your business’s ability to resume working quickly in the event a disaster occurs. Learn more about disaster recovery here.

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For more information on data management benefits from the experts at GrandScan, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.608.7477.