Storage rooms seem to be one of the last things included when building, and ours was no different. The first year it wasn’t a big problem, but eventually we were scrambling for space to keep our closed sales files. That is when GrandScan came in, and as we’ve continued to grow I’ve appreciated your service even more. 

I can’t tell you how much time and space we have saved — not just in storage — but also in the time to look for papers in a particular file. No more moving heavy storage boxes around to find the correct closed file, and because they are saved digitally, the copies we run are accepted as originals. 

Last year we closed over 1400 sales, and just like clockwork you come at the beginning of each new quarter, pick up our closed sales, digitize them and then, after a month, you shred the papers. It is a great system. I have referred you to several companies and individuals, and as far as I know they are all taking advantage of your services (they recognize a good thing). I know I will continue using your services, as it really takes a big burden off my shoulders.

Lynne Heinz

Business Manager, Keller Williams Realty

GrandScan’s service and dependability are outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone looking to simplify record storage. They have definitely met and exceeded our expectations.

A. Jeffrey Schreur

President, AJS Realty

Exchange Financial has been using GrandScan’s services since 2003. We have been extremely pleased not only with their incredible service and prompt turnaround times, but also the courtesy and positive attitude we’ve experienced. 

We have not had any problems with the digital files we receive, as they are user friendly and easily accessible for all of our needs. It seems that no matter how quickly we need our imaging done and how many times we need the digital files re-done for additions — GrandScan is always there to provide great customer service. I would highly recommend them to any other company.

Debra Deters

President, Exchange Financial

Thanks to you and your staff for helping us solve our growing clutter problem. In addition to solving our space problem, the easy access to our files has been an added benefit we did not expect. 

What we appreciate most about you and your company was that you didn’t come in and tell us what you were going to do for us without knowing the first thing about our company. Instead, you came in and asked about our company first, and then helped us customize a program that fit our needs perfectly. That way of doing business is very unique and appreciated in a business environment where most are offering solutions before identifying problems. Thanks again for all of your help.

Mike Bouma

President, Raustin Mortgage