Is Your Data Secure?

Digital storage has become increasingly popular as many businesses realize the costs and inconveniences of traditional paper documents. Scanning paper documents into digital formats streamlines workflow, cuts down on bulky file cabinets and moves data to a more secure environment. 

Companies often turn to professional document scanning to make this transition go as smoothly and quickly as possible. However, it is important to select a service you can trust with handling sensitive files, especially if you deal with private consumer data.

You will want to make sure your data is protected and handled with care, and that paper documents are properly shredded after they have been digitized.

Scanning technology should also be accurate and up-to-date, ensuring you receive high-quality scans that are easily searchable and will be accessible for as long as you will need them going forward.

Paper files are susceptible to theft, misplacement, floods, fire or rodent damage. Digital files can similarly be susceptible to viruses, hardware failures or even human error. However, care can be taken to ensure they are stored properly and with redundant backups to eliminate incidents of data loss. 

A reputable document scanning company can make sure your files are backed up in multiple locations, both on-site and in secure cloud storage. Documents will then always be protected from physical damage, easily accessible and secure.

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